• Arias (G.F. Handel)
  • Children of the River (Chuck Jonkey)
  • Concert in Light Blue (J.S. Bach)
  • Quartet (Yes)
  • Autumn (G. Winston) 
  • 1060 (J.S. Bach) (second staging was on the dance company Kim Robards Dance, Denver, U.S.A., 1995)
  • Concert in White (J.S. Bach)
  • 15th Tuesday (Yu. Kasyanik)
  • Dreams (K. Volans)
  • Ob-viam (J. Brahms) (for the dance company Kim Robards Dance, Denver, U.S.A.)
  • Sublittoral Zone (M. Nyman) (Part I premiered at the Glenwood Springs Dance Festival, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, U.S.A.)

Different Trains (S. Reich)

Dreams during Times of Reform (Black-and-white and Color) (A.Balanescu, K. Volans))

Adagio (S. Barber)

Ex tempore (J.S. Bach)

Latimeria 1 (R.Fripp, "Indigo girls")

Latimeria 2 ("Phish", T.Marks, L.Gerrard)

Sodade/Nostalgia (M.de Novas,N.da Cruz,R.Mendes, A.Cabral)

Moiety (J. Brahms)

Another Kind of Beauty (Mari Boine, "Pink Floyd", "The Allman Brothers Band")

Another Kind of Beauty 2 (J.Hendrix, J.Zorn, T.Newman, "King Krimson", "Rare Earth", "Sunchariot")

Borromeo Rings (J.S.Bach, J.Zorn)

Bench (F.Frith, J.Zorn, R.Wyatt, "Soft Machine", "Can")

Flashpoint (Tangerine Dream)

Possession (Mogwai)

  • Bach, opus 1043
  • Freedom (Steve Reich, "Plaid", Trent Reznor)

Bench (new version) (F.Frith, J.Zorn, R.Wyatt, "The Cloud Carpets", "Can")

Gravitation (Laurie Anderson)

Blowin' in the Wind (Bob Dylan)